[Note: I have written the following in the third person, not to seem aristocratic, but rather for ease of copying for those requiring biographical information for concert programs and the like.]

Peter Jaques grew up in Memphis & St. Croix, USA, two rich musical environments. By age three, he had — through repeated bangings on the poor embattled console piano — convinced his poor embattled mother to enroll him in Suzuki piano lessons, with the saintly patient Miss Maria, last name unknown. These he continued until he discovered himself to be a teenage boy in Memphis, which condition required playing guitar. After a few years transcribing Jimmy Page & Joe Satriani solos & napping to Metallica, he wound up at the famed music mecca of Oberlin College, playing fretless electric bass & studying, logically, computer science, French, & political science.

Finally during his last year of glorious scholarship, he found his sister's old clarinet in a closet back home. That's when everything changed.

For the first time.

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