I offer professional editing and proofreading services of excellent quality, with quick turnaround, at competitive rates.

My educational background in electrical engineering and political science allows me to specialize in technical and academic writing, while my musical passion lends proficiency for poetic & lyrical writing. Additionally, I am conversational in Greek, Turkish, Spanish, and French, and thus qualified to edit multilingual works, as well as works by non-native English speakers (as I can often extrapolate the meaning of awkwardly translated expressions).

Don't hesitate to contact me at the addresses below for quotes and turnaround times; see below for standard rates. For longer works, I'm happy to do a one-page edit as a sample of my work.

~ standard rates ~

(Note: Minimum charge is 1000 words' worth.)

USD $10 per 1000 words — includes spelling & basic grammar corrections.
basic style editing
USD $15 per 1000 words — includes proofreading (above), plus editing for clarity, directness, flow, and ease of understanding.
heavy editing
USD $20 per 1000 words — basic style editing (above), plus deeper style changes for (e.g.) tense changes / tense consistency, appropriateness to intended audience, and other such major modifications.